Just who the heck are
Tony Schwartz
Marylou Ambrose?

Okay, you asked.

We'll try not to bore you.....


Our performing season lasts from March through November every year. Whew! But that doesn’t mean we slack off during the winter. Far from it. Winter is our writing season, and you can find us hard at work a couple days a week at a table in the back of the Pub at Ehrhardt’s. We like to call it “The Famous Writer’s Table.” Here we are creating Legally Gray.



Way back in 1996, we found ourselves acting together in a local community theater company.  It was fun, but we soon realized we wanted more. So, in 1999, we started our own community theater company, The Lakeside Players.  Our slogan?  "Acting like professionals since 1999." 
And we did act like professionals. And still do!  The Lakeside Players continue to produce quality shows at Community Hall in Lakeville, PA.

Keeping a community theater afloat requires money. And sometimes you need more than what ticket sales bring in.  We're not the "bake sale" type. So we tried writing a few interactive murder mystery scripts and pitched them to local restaurants.  They were a big hit! So we kept writing, and writing, and writing......

While all this was going on, we decided that, since we were peforming in so many places and turning a profit, maybe it was time to turn our work into a real for-profit business. So, in 2006, that's exactly what we did.  Our new company needed a name, and we finally settled on Tonylou Productions. 
Why Tonylou?  Well, it's more than just a combination of our names Tony and Marylou.

One of the first murder mysteries we ever wrote that was produced in local restaurants was an "I Love Lucy" spoof, "Trouble at the Tropicabana."  It was a huge success locally.  People love Lucy and they loved the show.
Marylou as Lucy
  We remembered how Desi and Lucy combined their names to form Desilu Productions. We decided if it worked for them, it could work for us. And that's where the idea of combining our names came from!  (Yes, that's Marylou as Lucy)

In 2008, with many original murder mystery scripts under our belts, we decided if our scripts are working for us, maybe they can work for others, too.  So we put them for up sale online.  And to our delight, they're hits not only locally, but globally!  Don't misunderstand. There are no limos parked outside our homes. But we are proud to say that our scripts have been performed in 48 states and 7 foreign countries.  (Come on Delaware and Hawaii. Buy something!)

In 2009, we tried our hand at writing a full-length comedy.  We were performing classics, like "On Golden Pond" and "The Old Couple", mostly for senior motor coach groups coming to the Pocono Mountains.  We were doing great, but wanted something fresh, and something our audiences could  totally relate to.  So we started writing plays about them! 
"Double Occupancy" and "Double Occupancy 2: Wedding Bells & Blue Suede Shoes" have been huge successes for us. And "Legally Gray" will be coming out in 2013.  And who knows after that?  We're going to keep writing. And not just plays with boomers and seniors in mind. We have plenty of ideas banging around in our creative brains just waiting to be written . (Yes, that's us in the photo. Hey, they're wigs!)

So, after sharing our murder mystery scripts with everyone, we're now offering our full-length plays as well. We hope everyone enjoys them as much as our murder mystery scripts.

Besides performing for tour groups coming to popular venues in Northeast PA and New York State,we've started our own tour business.  We not only entertain you, we can plan a whole trip for you and your group around our entertainment and the great attractions here in our area.

And now this website.  Here, you can see the plays we have to offer. Click on the  links and visit our murder mystery scripts site.  Visit our tour site. And right on this website, offer your own submissions and present your work to the world.

Maybe one of our plays or murder mysteries might work for your theater group. We hope so.  Or, maybe you'd like to visit Northeast Pennsylvania and see all it has to offer. We can help.  And if you're a playwright like us and want to see your work published and then performed by others, we can help you with that, too. After all, we've had our plays performed in 48 states 7 countries, why not yours, too.  

Thanks for visiting. And to all you actors out there....
Break a leg!
Tony & Marylou