Full-Length Plays, Murder Mysteries and More!

“More” is the operative word here. Your response to our audience-participation murder mysteries has been overwhelming! We’re proud to announce that our interactive shows have been performed in
48 states and 7 foreign countries!

Now, for the first time online, Tonylou Productions is offering
our full-length plays for sale!
We're also giving you the opportunity to submit your work to us for sale on this website.

 Have you written your first play?  Several plays?  Have you dreamed of seeing your work produced by others, but don't know how to go about it?  Have you submitted your work to other script publishers and gotten a form rejection letter or no response at all? If so, you've finally come to the right place!

Send us your scripts -- comedies, dramas, one-acts and interactive murder mysteries -- and we'll get back to you by email within two weeks. That's a promise! 
If your play is right for us, we'll offer it for sale on this website, along with our own best-selling plays. See our Submissions page for writers' guidelines and a submission form.

So -- whether you're looking for a full-length play or a murder mystery, or you're hoping to get your work published and performed, you've come to the right place. 

Surf our site.  Check us out. You'll see we're the real deal.  And we're just like you -- writers and performers who have managed to get our work out there in this country and around the world.  Let us do the same for you.

Break a leg!
Tony & Marylou


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We are proud members of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Theatrical Alliance (NEPTA)

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Murder Mystery Script Packages
Our murder mystery script packages come to you through the mail in CD form, and they contain much more than just the script. Each CD has production notes and costume suggestions. Some also contain sound effects, graphics and photos of key props. Each package is unique to that script and has everything you need for a successful performance.  (Except, of course, for the actors, props, costumes and venue...)



Full-Length Plays
First time online!
Our full-length plays come to you through the mail in playbook form, but a whole lot better than your average playbook. They're 8 1/2 X 11 inches and spiral bound. They're larger than the average playbook, but that's a good thing. Why?  Because there's lots of room for notes in the margins. The spiral binding also makes it easy to turn the pages and keeps the books from falling apart.  No more staples!  This means no more covers falling off, lost pages, or books disintegrating during rehearsals.  Our books are practically collector's items! (We like to think so, anyway.) 


Plenty of Space Inside!
We all make notes in our playbooks.  Whether it's blocking, business, or something specific the director wants you to do, there has to be room for writing your stage directions and other notes.  But how many times have you run out of space?  There's  plenty of room in our playbook margins for notes.  Left, right, top or bottom, you can make all the notes you need.

Large enough to work with, yet comfortable to hold

Sturdy, Functional, Easy to Carry
With all this added size and space, you might think our playbook is hard to carry. But you'd be wrong. Thanks to the metal spiral binding, our playbook is not only sturdy and longlasting, it folds completely in half, making it easy to hold.  Let's face it, we learn a lot of our lines walking around the stage reading our books during rehearsals.  Walking around the stage with one of our playbooks folded in half isn't much different than holding a sheet of paper. Other playbooks get folded in half, too, and that's when those pages start falling out. Not with ours. Sturdy, functional and easy to carry.  One hell of a playbook!

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